Exclusive talks to Reagan Kang

Exclusive: Hi Reagan, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. One of the most noticeable things about you is that you obviously work out! How do you maintain a body like that?
Reagan: It is my pleasure and thank you for having me. It took me quite a while to achieve what I have obtained but through a planned workout scheme and a clean healthy diet plan I managed to sort out the food and physical activities to suit my needs and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Exclusive: Was there a particular time in your life that you decided 'I want a better body' and did any family members or media personality influence you?
Reagan: I was a national swimmer from the age of 7 untill 15. But after I stopped, I lead a very unhealthy lifestyle and binged my way through food whenever I could. I managed to touch 110kg! before my inspiration came for me to get me off my butt.

That was the time when i picked up my first fitness magazine and there was a group of dedicated fitness enthusiast that were passionate about changing people's lifestyles. That interest turned into a passion where I realized I need to get back in the game! My dad is a personal trainer as well, so with his support I was able to pick up fast and practice well.

Exclusive: As a personal/fitness trainer you are surrounded by the type of equipment you need to keep in shape, does your job still give you time to work out?
Reagan: With the frequency of classes I can't stress enough that fitness is very important for everyone of all ages. Even my job gets me a minimum of 10 to 18 classes a week. I still workout to maintain muscle density and volume. Lucky me I am blessed with great genetics to keep me fit. Nevertheless I am still able to slot in at least an hour a day dedicated to working out.

Exclusive: What does the average day for a fitness trainer consist of?
Reagan: Well my day starts off with a good big breakfast, then we head into the gym where we train our clients or we conduct classes.We sometimes get the morning session off or the evening session off. Most days we are full on with a minimum of 3 classes, clients workout, and our workout in the same day! Ends with a nice cold shower and SLEEP!!

Exclusive: Do you ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself 'no no no I'm too tired!'
Sometimes the body says NO but the motto is always in my head, "People come to the class because of me and my passion of changing their lifestyle, I shall never let them down." Thats my greatest achievement to see the smile on their faces.

Exclusive: You were a very accomplished junior swimmer, did this help you to build your basic muscle structure?
Yes it definitely did. Swimming is considered a very therapeutic workout base as many doctors and physiotherapist would advise their patients to do if they ever had an injury. Swimming has helped my build mainly stamina, flexibility and agility in my body wise.

Exclusive: You were also a champion bodybuilder, tell us about your achievements and whether you have any further ambitions in that field
Reagan: This was one of the greatest achievement so far I have grabbed. Achieving extreme fitness levels and sculpting the perfect body was always my love. I consider it as art. The point where I wanted to compete as a bodybuilder was impromptu because I had no idea how to do it or where to start. So, I did my own research, changed my diet plans, amplified my workout. There were ups and down but I was alone in this and I planned to try to do this alone. In 2009 I took the overall champion for Mr. Penang Junior above 75kg and managed to qualify for the nationals. Preparation for Mr. Malaysia was so tiring sometimes I feel like giving up. We pushed our bodies through the roof to a point we dehydrated ourselves for 2-3 days to get that definition anyone can ever imagined. To my surprise I was so happy I managed to bag the Champion Title for Mr. Malaysia Junior Category for my hometown. The feeling was ecstatic. For now, I am concentrating in improving my fitness level, and spreading the knowledge and education to my clients in achieving their own goals.

Exclusive: Aside from your fitness related achievements I know that you have also been on a reality show called 'Ultimate Prom Night' tell us about that experience
Reagan: It was a funny story actually. There was this campaign held by Nivea and it was done in my college. My friends and I were just having fun getting our pictures taken. A few weeks later I received a call asking me to participate in their reality show. I was thinking of trying something new so I just went with the flow, did what was asked to and 'voila' I was voted throughout Malaysia to represent them as The First Ultimate Prom King held by 8TV. It was a lovely experience and I have learned a lot throughout the weeks of preparation.

Exclusive: How did you get involved in modelling and what are some of the campaigns you have done?
Reagan: After the Ultimate Prom Night, I have received calls from various talent companies where I would send in my resume and they helped get me campaigns and advertisement. That's how I got into the modeling industry because I am always excited and ready to try out something new. I have done various Digi Telco campaigns, tv ads and magazine ads to name a few.

Exclusive: So, Athelete, fitness instructor, reality shows, bodybuilding, what else does the future hold?
Reagan: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. I am all amped up for any challenges and opportunities!

Exclusive: I know that some ladies reading this will be wondering, what is your relationship status!
Reagan: It's for me to know and for you to find out :)

Exclusive: Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us, is there anything you would like to add?
Reagan: Would love to thank you guys and the opportunity to do this interview. Great times and all the best!

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