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Chng Huck Theng is a Malaysian Artist that resides in Penang. This talented artist is heavily involved with promoting art and artists in Malaysia, he currently holds the position of President of the Penang Art Society and since 2008 has been on the Board of Trustees of the National Art Gallery, Malaysia. Ch'ng is a versatile artist creating abstract impressionist pieces that are held in galleries, private collections and large institutions.

Exclusive: We would like to start things off by finding out a little more about you. What age did you first start to paint and what or who influenced you?
Ch'ng Huck Theng: Actually I started painting pretty late and it was not with the intention to be an artist. I collect Chinese porcelains and when I was doing my Bachelor and Master degrees in Australia, I initially took up painting simply because I wanted to know more about colour mixing so I can do some repair on my broken porcelains. But it turn out to be a blessing as I was actually enjoying the time I spent to learn how to paint with a prominent Australian artist Alan Upton down south Sydney in Wollongong. Hence I was studying Management during the week days and painting during the weekends. It was fun.  

Exclusive: Your earlier paintings were less abstract than your current style of painting, what was it that made you change your style to that of a pure abstract/impressionist?
Ch'ng Huck Theng: My early paintings were very detailed and fine just like my teacher. However after painting a few, I asked him that if it is ok for me to change to my own liking and he was happy and encouraged me to do so. Initially there were still very 'less abstract' but then when time goes on, the inner expression prevail and I knew I have to follow my heart. Many would categorised my style as abstract but I think it is more proper to be categorise as 'abstract expressionism', This is because although my art may seem very loud and bold, it does still carry an 'image' that it one sees patiently, he or she will notice 'the hidden image or message' in between.  
Exclusive: What inspires you to paint and how do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?
Ch'ng Huck Theng:
Everything is an inspiration to me, whether it is a still object or alive. One have to be able to admire the actual visual and see beyond the object understand the inner beauty. Other times I just get inspired from a days work of ups and downs. Stress sometimes creates beautiful paintings.  
Exclusive: Given your huge involvement with the Art scene in Malaysia, which 'home grown' artists do you admire
and why?
Ch'ng Huck Theng: I actually admire most artists because everyone has their own character and style. However the ones that I truly admire are those that have big hearts. Good artists do only only produce good paintings but they are those that are not with a selfish attitude and bad mouth behind others. They are not afraid to see other fellow artists rise and they actually help promote others.  

Exclusive: Outside of Malaysia, what other artists do you admire and why?
Ch'ng Huck Theng: There are so many good artists around the world. Where do I start...? Is short I admire those that knew/know what they were doing with their life and art either crazily or theoretically. These are those that have ideas and concept on how to present their works and how to contribute to society. I do not particularly find those that only made a name after they passed away because we do not really know what happen. It is no longer from the horse's mouth but presumption and or even manipulation through different channels.

Exclusive: Please tell us about your latest series of paintings and what you are trying to achieve with them?
Ch'ng Huck Theng: My style is a combination of Eastern method and Western philosophy. The new series intend to bring these combination to another level where it will combine abstract and detail, loud and soft, movement and still, together into producing an image that not only will capture the public's attention but it also comes with a message of ' we have to bring our children to see dinosaurs in the museum but it would be a shame if one day our grand children have to see an apple in the museum!!!' This is very simple, it humans choose to ignore and take for granted the current environment issues, we may not be the ones suffering but our future generation will.  

Title: 'My World My Rules

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